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3rd Project Meeting and challenge workshop

Today marks the end of a hectic week for SURPRISE!

The 3rd project meeting took place on Tuesday 2nd March (virtually). All project partners joined, exchanging on results of research work so far and on the next steps for the project that is now moving to its halfway point. Throughout the last year, the consortium has been busy working on end user requirements, technology development and preliminary design of the SURPRISE demonstrator. Dissemination and exploitation activities have run in parallel, with two scientific papers already published, an engagement webinar held and a project video released.

On Friday 5th March, SURPRISE had its virtual challenge workshop, with project partners exchanging with the User Community Panel on opportunities for exploitation and mainstreaming of project results.

Which SURPRISE technologies can contribute to the ESA and EUMETSAT roadmaps and to what extent?

How can SURPRISE help to address future challenges for European agencies and inspire future missions?

Our User Community Panel members provided updates about their current work and priorities and discussion looked at the synergies between these and the SURPRISE work. It’s early yet, but the session confirmed the huge potential of the various innovations being developed within SURPRISE.

After such a busy week, SURPRISE looks forward to what comes next! System modelling, algorithm and technology development are in full swing, subsystem procurement, construction and test are getting started and the first exploitation workshop will be held before the summer.

What else? The mid-term review of the project by the European Commission and expert external reviewers, is planned in June.

Once more, busy months ahead for SURPRISE! Follow our project channels to get updates.


Cover picture: Photo by Chris Montgomery on Unsplash