Some material for teachers, parents and children

Space, Earth Observation, Environment….these are all topics that children can get passionate about!

SURPRISE wants to translate our work into children-friendly material, to help create the next generation of earth observers!

To get you started, have a look at the ESA Kids page, full of information, games, material.

And then jump into the magical world of SURPRISE, to learn more about Earth Observation and micro-mirrors!


Want to know more about space?

The AURORA Project will tell you how to build a model satellite and provides some fun material to help understand what Earth Observation does and why it is so important.

The NEOROCKS project has prepared some videos and a newsletter to introduce children to asteroids and Planetary Defense.

Finally, take a look at these AMAZING drawings by children from primary schools in Umbria. The initiative “Let’s design the Universe” was organised by the University of Perugia with the Italian Space Agency.