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Last SURPRISE joint progress meeting of 2020!

On Tuesday 15/12, the SURPRISE partners met (virtually, of course!) for their last joint progress meeting of this year.

2020 has been hectic for SURPRISE. A few examples?

We have started our activities in January, with partners meeting at the Kick-Off in Florence, and continued them successfully, despite the extremely challenging COVID-19 situation.

9 deliverables have been submitted during this first year and initial outputs delivered, with partners working non-stop and meeting regularly in the restricted working groups and at the monthly progress meetings.

We have had our first Interim Review with the European Commission and an external reviewer.

Does the R&I side look busy?

Well, the communication and dissemination one hasn’t been any less dynamic! A SURPRISE paper has been presented at the 7th International Workshop on On-Board Payload Data Compression, we’ve prepared a project video to showcase our 6-months results and we’ve held an engagement webinar to present and discuss our project with space agencies from partner countries.

The last progress meeting of 2020 marked the end of SURPRISE first year of work, provided food for thought and opened up to some challenging and exciting activities that are already waiting for us next year!

Want to learn more about this? Then keep following the SURPRISE website and social media.

In the meantime, the SURPRISE consortium wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year…looking at the Earth, as usual!