Sentinel-6/Michael Freilich now orbiting Earth!

Last month, on the SURPRISE website, we talked about the world’s latest Earth Observation satellite, Sentinel-6/Michael Freilich, that was getting ready for launch.

Last week, its mission officially started, with the satellite launched in orbit from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California (US) on board a a Space X Falcon 9 rocket.

Sentinel-6/Michael Freilich is considered as an important “climate guardian”. Its activity is crucial for improving Earth Observation, thanks to the advanced monitoring of sea level rise, sea state and geostrophic ocean currents.

How Sentinel-6/Michael Freilich can help us address the challenges related to climate change? Take a look at this interesting article from the German Aerospace Centre (DLR), a key stakeholder for the SURPRISE partner Fraunhofer IPMS, if you want to learn more.

Want to orbit Earth together with Sentinel 6/Michael Freilich? Just click here!

Cover picture credits: ESA/ATG Medialab