Consortium Project

SURPRISE get togethers next week

Next week is a busy one for SURPRISE partners!

On Tuesday, we have our project meeting, originally meant to be held in the beautiful city of Turin. We’ll be catching up on project activities, looking at the progress made so far on the various components of our SURPRISE demonstrator. SURPRISE has a number of deliverables foreseen for March (a prototype of the SLM system, the system (demonstrator) design and evaluation reports and the plan for the test and verification of the system), so the meeting is sure to be full….

Then on Friday we have our User Community Panel and Challenge Workshop. Which SURPRISE technologies can contribute to the ESA EUMETSAT roadmaps and to what extent? How can SURPRISE help to address future challenges for European agencies and inspire future missions? This is the existing and ambitious focus of our Challenge Workshop.

We’ll be back after the meetings to let you know how they went.

Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash