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SURPRISE Periodic Review meeting

Today marks the end of a very busy week for SURPRISE, whose periodic review meeting has taken place on 9th – 10th June 2021.

Project partners have presented the progress of the work carried-out in the first half of the project to the Project Officer from the European Commission and to two expert external reviewers.

All nine SURPRISE work packages have now started and are in full swing. Therefore, topics discussed have been many, ranging from the demonstrator and its individual components (you can catch a glimpse of one of them – SLM – in the cover picture of this article!), to end-user requirements for Earth Observation applications and possible exploitation of research results.

Discussion of initial activities and results has helped the consortium to identify the key elements to focus on and to better plan the activities for the next implementation stages.

If you want to know more about the topics that have been addressed at the review, have a look on our Materials and Outputs page, where information on the activities carried out and results achieved in the first half of the project (for now!) are published and available for consultation.

After such busy days, SURPRISE ends the week with a lot of ideas exchanged and plenty of food for thoughts for the months to come. We are really looking forward to the second half of SURPRISE lifetime!

Cover picture (right): courtesy of SURPRISE partner Fraunhofer – IPMS. The picture was taken in a lab with an optical set-up, using the SLM technology from Fraunhofer IPMS and a CCD camera to record it. This SLM technology allows the direct imaging of greyscale and digital (black and white) patterns. One example above with the SURPRISE-Logo. The SLM size is roughly 4mm x 4mm consisting of 256×256 micromirrors.