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3,5 years observing the Earth with SURPRISE

Today marks the end of the 3,5 years of R&D work within SURPRISE.

Cooperation among our project partners has been key to advance research in the Earth Observation (EO) field, using two disruptive technologies – Spatial Light Modulators and Compressive Sensing – to develop a demonstrator of a super-spectral EO payload with enhanced capability in spatial resolution, on-board data processing and encryption functionalities.

Over the last 3,5 years, R&D work proceeded hand in hand with stakeholder engagement and dissemination actions, to ensure successful exploitation of project’s research.

We have met with national Space Agencies of the SURPRISE countries and with potential end-users of EO for land and marine applications, we have presented the project in various scientific events and published papers, we have released two project videos (and more to come!).

Our User Community Panel, boasting expert members from ESA and EUMETSAT, has been a key asset, following the various phases of R&D work to support the two parallel exploitation tracks of our project: the SURPRISE system as a whole and its individual components.

At the end of our project, we are happy to look back at these 3,5 years of intense work and achievements.

However, there is still more to come! The final project review, with the EC project officer and external experts will be held in Florence at the end of July, the Materials and Outputs section of the project’s website will be updated with final deliverables and latest publications, and a SURPRISE’s surprise for kids will arrive soon…!

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Cover picture Lance Grandahl on Unsplash