Consortium Project

And now for something a bit different….result exploitation!

Last week we provide updates on the research activities going on within the SURPRISE Consortium. This week, we have been thinking about what will happen after SURPRISE: market exploitation of our Key Exploitable Results.

SURPRISE works on two possible exploitation paths: the first is the long-term objective to exploit the SURPRISE system as a whole within Earth Observation systems for operational services. The second, shorter term, is to exploit the individual, cutting edge components of the SURPRISE system.

This week, Resolvo (Exploitation Manager for SURPRISE) started working with our partner SAITEC, responsible for the subsystem for verification and test of the optical system within SURPRISE. We also worked with SURPRISE coordinator CNR-IFAC to consider updates to long-term exploitation within the operational services. Together, we have developed two draft Business Model Canvas. On 17th May, we will discuss these with SURPRISE partners during our first Exploitation Workshops.

Updates soon!

Photo by Jessica Lewis on Unsplash